On the Field – Volume 7 Issue 7

//On the Field – Volume 7 Issue 7

On the Field – Volume 7 Issue 7

August 2022 Volume 7 Issue 7

Dear Pastor and praying friends:

Busy, this word completely describes the month of July for us as we have been ministering in the village of Mbenjere and in the city of Chipata. We started Chewa lessons on Tuesdays and many of the things that we learned at BBTI have already helped us as we are starting to grasp the structure of the language. Lorin has been taking the opportunity to learn more about not just the language but also the culture from some of the local ladies as I am doing the same while out in the Village on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday is valuable for us to be in the village as we have a church wide Bible study after we finish training the local leadership to be able to teach in their own village but also in the surrounding villages.

On Thursday we are currently holding a bible study in two different villages; Damon and I have split into two teams with each of us taking some of the local leadership from Chiyembekezo and going at the same time to these villages that are about a 30- and 40-minutes’ drive from Mbenjere. We have seen fruit from these Bible studies already, our first meeting in the village that my team and I are in saw multiple men make a profession of faith. The following week as we gave the gospel, several dozen indicated that they had trusted Christ.

During the rest of the week, we have been discipling some of the new converts here in the city of Chipata, it is so exciting to see these young men not only growing in their faith but also as they take steps in following the Lord through sharing their testimonies with others and going out and evangelizing with us as we endeavor to spread the gospel door to door and on the streets.

The last two weeks of July we helped sponsor a Medical Team at Chiyembekezo, multiple medical professionals from the US and Canada came and helped minister to the physical needs of the people while our local leadership was able to minister to the spiritual needs as the Gospel was presented multiple times throughout each day.  Around 1,000 people were treated medically while far above that not only received the Gospel through the preaching but also each person received the plan of salvation in written form as well.

The first Sunday of July we officially helped start Hope Bible Baptist Church, it is wonderful to see that as we labor for the Lord, He is building his church. God has already brought people to join, and souls have been brought to Christ through the preaching.

Thank you all for your continued support, prayers, and Love. We would not be able to go first without the Lord and secondly without all of you.

In Christ’s Service, The Norris Family.


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I Thessalonians 5:25 “Brethren, pray for us.”

Prayer Requests:

  • For God to open the door to Mozambique through an invitation into the country.
  • For our ability to learn quickly as we have started studying Chichewa.
  • For us to be a blessing to those that we will work with in Zambia.
  • For the People of Mozambique that God would work even now in the hearts and lives of the people to prepare them for the Gospel.
  • For God to provide for our every need.
  • For our continued good health.
  • That our Spiritual lives will remain close to God, for us to grow each day closer to him, and not stray from His will or be caught up in the snares of the Devil.
  • For the many Churches that have said they would like to take us on for support, pray God would enable them to have the finances to support us.
  • For our raised support that it will continue, and that God will bless our supporting churches.
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