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33.3% of the Population is 24 years old or younger

Land Area

309,496 sq. mi (almost 2x the size of California)




  • Roman Catholic 28.4%
  • None Religous 18.7%
  • Muslim 17.9%
  • Zionist Christian 15.5%
  • Pentecostal 10.9%
  • Other 6.7% (29 Mormon Congregations, 24 Lutheran Congregations)
  • Anglican 1.3%
  • Unspecified 0.7%

American Independent Baptist Missionaries in the country.

  • 3

American Independent Baptist Missionaries on Deputation.

  • 2

There are also Foreign Independent Baptist Missionaries in the country from Brazil and The Philippines.



  • Portuguese is the official and most widely spoken language of the nation, spoken by 50.3% of the population.
  • 10.7% Mozambicans speak Portuguese as their first language.
  • 4 Portuguese Creoles
  • Portuguese Pidgins
  • Mozambican Sign Language

38 Tribal languages are spoken throughout the country.

  • Barwe
  • Chewa
  • Chopi
  • Chuwabu
  • Dema
  • Kimwani
  • Kokola
  • Koti
  • Kunda
  • Lomwe
  • Maindo
  • Makhuwa
  • Makonde
  • Makwe
  • Manyawa
  • Manyika
  • Marenje
  • Nathembo
  • Ndau
  • Ngoni
  • Nsenga
  • Nyanja
  • Nyungwe
  • Phimbi
  • Ronga
  • Sena
  • Shangaan (Tsonga)
  • Shimakonde
  • Shona
  • Swahili
  • Swazi
  • Takwane
  • Tawara
  • Tewe
  • Tonga
  • Tswa
  • Yao
  • Zulu

Other Foreign Languages

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Gujarati

Government Type

Presidential Republic (Controversial)

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  • Green represents the riches of the land
  • White peace
  • Black the African continent
  • Yellow the country’s minerals
  • Red the struggle for independence
  • The rifle is symbolic of defence and vigilance
  • The hoe refers to the country’s agriculture
  • The open book stresses the importance of education
  • The star represents Marxism and internationalism

Coat of Arms

  • the corn stalk and the sugar cane represent agricultural wealth
  • the cog wheel represents labour and industry
  • the book represents education
  • the hoe for “peasantry and agriculture production”
  • the AK-47 for “defense and vigilance”
  • the red star represents socialism, but is quoted in the Mozambican constitution to “symbolize the spirit of international solidarity of the Mozambican people”.
  • the red sun symbolizes the building of a new life

National Anthem

Pátria Amada

English: Beloved Homeland

In the memory of Africa and the World. Beautiful fatherland of those that dared to fight Mozambique, your name is freedom. The Sun of June forever will shine.

Chorus: (2x)
Mozambique, our Glorious Land
Rock by rock constructing the new day
Millions of arms in one only force
O Loved fatherland we will be successful

United people from Rovuma to Maputo. It harvests the fruits of the combat for the Peace. The dream grows waving in the flag And goes cultivating in the certainty of tomorrow.

Chorus (2x)

Flowers sprouting of the soil of your sweat. For mounts, the rivers, the sea. We swear for you, O Mozambique. No tyrant will enslave us

Chorus (2x)