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Lord willing, we will leave for language school near the beginning of 2022. You may wonder why? We feel that in Mozambique with the many tribal languages that are also spoken alongside Portuguese, it would hinder and deter our learning capabilities trying to decipher between Portuguese and any number of tribal languages. Once we have learned Portuguese we will then move to Mozambique Lord willing the beginning of 2023.


Once in Mozambique, we will then learn the local slang Portuguese. As soon as we have become proficient in Portuguese we will begin learning the local dialects.

Our main objective will be the sharing of the Gospel with those we come into contact with, so that, people can clearly understand the plan of salvation and receive Christ’s payment for their sins through His death on the cross, burial and resurrection from the grave.

Businesses and Officials

Establishing relations with local business owners, and government officials will be one of our goals, so that, we can first share the gospel with them, and second to build a strong foundation for the ministry. We feel that if we establish these relations and see these leaders of the community receive Christ, that it will open an abundant amount of doors, so that, the ministry can grow and we can freely witness and share the gospel.


We will start youth sports outreach ministries and Bible Clubs to reach the youth. With two-thirds of the population (25,930,150) of Mozambique being under the age of 24 (17,286,767), the opportunities to reach the youth are far greater. Once we have seen these young people receive Christ, we will then have an opportunity to reach into their homes and witness to their parents and families.


Many of the open air markets will be fertile grounds for sharing the gospel. We can set up a booth and witness to people as they come through the market. We will also be able to witness to the vendors as they are readily willing to talk with anyone that comes by.


When reaching into the villages that surround the city, we will first witness to the village head, this is customary, because we will need his approval to be able to witness to the people of the village.


The first thing that we will teach newly saved believers is the need to obey the scripture and follow Christ in believer’s baptism. Showing them that it is testifying to others that they have chosen Christ.


We will teach them to tithe, that it is obeying and honouring God, with the first 10% of all their increase. That when they obey God with the tithe, he will bless them and open the windows of heaven.

 Bible Studies

Upon the first soul being saved and baptized, we will begin discipling them through bi-weekly Bible studies, grounding them in the doctrines of the scriptures.

Removal of Items

With Spiritism being so prevalent throughout Africa, it will be very important to show them through Scripture the need to remove any items they possess that are associated with Spiritism. If these items are not removed a short time after salvation their Spiritual growth will be stunted tremendously.


We will teach them the importance and need of daily reading of the Scripture. They will receive their very own Bible upon completion of a set course in Bible study.

Scripture Memorization and Meditation

We will challenge and teach them to memorize the Bible and commit it to heart through memorization and meditation on the scripture. We will give them weekly verses to memorize and meditate on; as they grow in Christ they will then be given larger portions of scripture.


We will teach them through the Bible the importance of having a strong prayer life, that much like a relationship with a family member, if you want a good relationship you must talk with them, the same is true with God, you must talk with him daily to build a strong relationship with Him. The importance of corporate prayer will also be emphasized to show them how the Church will be blessed and grow when the people of the Church come together and pray.


Teaching the need for good Godly Christian music will be important. If we can teach them to get rid of their worldly music and replace it with good Godly Christian music, we will see them grow in Christ at a faster rate.

Once we have seen several souls saved, baptized, and discipled, we will open our first Church. We will teach the Church the need to duplicate in others what has been done in their lives so that the Church will grow.

Leadership Training


Once we have opened the church and it grows we will, through prayer and great discernment, seek out young men that meet the qualifications to be a pastor, we will bring them alongside and teach them more in the ways of God, to prepare them for leadership, with hopes of one day being able to turn the Church over to a mature National Pastor.


Other young men, who meet the qualifications, will also be sought out through prayer and great discernment and taught and trained through the scripture for the office of a Deacon. They will be taught to serve alongside the Pastor to help in the needs of the Church.


Young men will also be taught to take the gospel to other villages, cities, and provinces. Going through the same qualification process and training as Pastors.


Once a Pastor has been chosen, the congregation having been taught the need for self-sustainment through teaching them to give above their tithes to be able to support a Pastor, buy their own land, build their own Church building, and send out Native Missionaries.

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