On the Field – Volume 7 Issue 6

//On the Field – Volume 7 Issue 6

On the Field – Volume 7 Issue 6

June 2022 Volume 7 Issue 6

Dear Pastor and praying friends:

“I am sorry”, this is how a conversation started as I entered the Taxicab that has become our usual taxi driver, “sorry for what?”, I asked, “Africa has made you very red” was the response from the driver. This sure was a funny moment and just one of many moments that are new and exciting.

We have begun to settle into our new home but as you can imagine until our 16 barrels arrive in a month (Lord willing) and until we can start getting furniture, we will have a hard time settling in fully, we are very thankful for the home that God has provided.

God is also providing many opportunities to not only learn but serve as well. Damon and I go out to the village on Wednesdays and Thursdays for mid-week Bible studies and discipleship training. Recently I was able to start back up the Youth Ministry at Chiyembekezo, currently we are doing Bible lessons on Growth in Christ, hopefully in the future we will expand to do activities.

One of the church leaders at Chiyembekezo was recently requested by a group of people in a village 45 minutes from the church to come and start a bible study on Thursdays. Lord willing this will become a new church plant, please be in prayer for this opportunity.

5 weeks ago, the Matacchieras and our family started a new Bible Study here in Chipata and so far, we have had many visitors, we have been able to meet with several young men during the week and present the gospel to them, all upon hearing a clear presentation of the gospel have chosen to received Christ as their Savior. Be in prayer for these young men as we begin discipleship with them that they will grow in the Lord.

Next month we are looking to start weekly Chichewa classes, pray that we can find a teacher that will be able to help us learn the language so that we can better communicate the Gospel to those that God has called us to serve.

We would like to say thank you to all those that have given or committed to give towards the purchase of a vehicle for us to use here in the ministry, through your giving we will be able to purchase a quality Toyota Land Cruiser. Hopefully in the next prayer letter we will have pictures.

Also, to those that gave towards set up costs we want to say thank you for your generous giving.

Thank you all for your continued support, prayers, and Love. We would not be able to go first without the Lord and secondly without all of you.

In Christ’s Service, The Norris Family.

I Thessalonians 5:25 “Brethren, pray for us.”

Prayer Requests:

  • For God to open the door to Mozambique through an invitation into the country.
  • For our ability to learn quickly when we begin to study Chichewa.
  • For us to be a blessing to those that we will work with in Zambia.
  • For the People of Mozambique that God would work even now in the hearts and lives of the people to prepare them for the Gospel.
  • For God to provide for our every need.
  • For our continued good health.
  • That our Spiritual lives will remain close to God, for us to grow each day closer to him, and not stray from His will or be caught up in the snares of the Devil.
  • For the many Churches that have said they would like to take us on for support, pray God would enable them to have the finances to support us.
  • For our raised support that it will continue, and that God will bless our supporting churches.
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