On the Field – Volume 7 Issue 9

//On the Field – Volume 7 Issue 9

On the Field – Volume 7 Issue 9

October 2022 Volume 7 Issue 9

Dear Pastor and praying friends:

“Hope Bible Baptist Church” is doing great as we see God do fantastic work here in Chipata. We have had from three to ten visitors every Sunday for the last month. As a result of these visitors, many of them have made professions of faith after we made follow-up appointments.

All these visitors are coming because of going out three days a week for around four hours at a time, knocking on doors, or standing on street corners passing out Gospel tracts.

We want to thank all who sent Birthday wishes to Deacon (8 years) and Anniversary wishes to Lorin and me (9 years). It truly is a blessing to know that you all are mindful of our special days. We also are grateful that God has allowed us to work alongside the Matacchiera family, not only for the valuable experience we are gaining working in the ministry but also for their friendship and the fellowship they provide for our family.

Deacon was very happy that he could invite friends for his birthday.

Lorin and I appreciated that we could go out for an evening knowing the kids were well taken care of by the Matacchiera’s teenage daughters.

We had a wonderful anniversary surprise as our barrels arrived on our anniversary; Lorin has been “settling in” now that she can start making our house a home by decorating and organizing all our belongings into their new places. Unfortunately, two of the barrels got water inside, and almost everything inside had to be thrown away. Books, games, clothing, and some office equipment were lost, but we thank the Lord that the Kids’ school for this year was not damaged, and they will be starting back up school this Monday.

We had a language teacher for a short time, but she ended up getting a different job, and now we are looking for a new teacher again. We will meet with a potential teacher the week of the seventeenth; please be in prayer that we can find the right teacher to help us learn the language well. In the meantime, we will continue practicing what we have learned and keep asking, “How do you say….”?

We are potentially planning an exploratory trip to the Mozambique border within the next two months to try and gain more information for an expedition next year into Mozambique after the rainy season. Pray for God’s wisdom and direction in the endeavor.

Thank you all for your continued support, prayers, and Love. We would not be able to go first without the Lord and secondly without all of you.

In Christ’s Service, The Norris Family.


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I Thessalonians 5:25 “Brethren, pray for us.”

Prayer Requests:

  • For God to open the door to Mozambique through an invitation into the country.
  • For our ability to learn quickly as we have started studying Chichewa.
  • For us to be a blessing to those that we will work with in Zambia.
  • For the People of Mozambique that God would work even now in the hearts and lives of the people to prepare them for the Gospel.
  • For God to provide for our every need.
  • For our continued good health.
  • That our Spiritual lives will remain close to God, for us to grow each day closer to him, and not stray from His will or be caught up in the snares of the Devil.
  • For the many Churches that have said they would like to take us on for support, pray God would enable them to have the finances to support us.
  • For our raised support that it will continue, and that God will bless our supporting churches.
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