Transition/Paperwork – Volume 6 Issue 9

//Transition/Paperwork – Volume 6 Issue 9

Transition/Paperwork – Volume 6 Issue 9

November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 8

Dear Pastor and praying friends:

Three weeks ago, we applied for our Visas to go to Language school but we are still waiting the Visas to be approved. Also, our federal background checks came back and mine passed but Lorin’s came back saying her fingerprints were not clear and she has to redo her background check. Please pray her background check comes back sooner than the previous as we waited almost 2 months for a response.

I am traveling to Brazil on the 4th to get familiar with the area and investigate the possibility of setting the stage for the family’s arrival, Lord willing. Please be in prayer not only for safety but also for God’s leading and direction. Lorin, kids, and our friend will be at the World Missions Center at BIMI while I am gone. This friend, Lord willing, will help with the children during Language school, she I know will be a great help to Lorin while I am gone.

Our hearts are still sad as since our last ministry update, my “Grammy”, my mom’s mom passed away about a week after her 83rdbirthday. It was quite unexpected as she was very active helping watch her great grandkids and drove frequently from California to Idaho to spend time with family. She was a faithful supporter of our ministry and knew the Lord, we praise the Lord for Heaven and the comfort of knowing that we will see her again. I also want to praise the Lord that He gave me the opportunity to spend several hours with her before she passed away, this was a precious time that we were able to have as many of you know the many restrictions there are in hospitals and guests being allowed in. I also am thankful for this time as I was not afforded this time with my “Papa” do to the fact that when he passed at the beginning of our deputation, we were on the opposite coast from him and in the middle of a Missions Conference.

We currently have 99% of our support coming in. We are praying that God will increase our support level to 100% quickly. There is much for which to praise the Lord, but specifically, I’d like to thank Him for the safety He has provided we have been travelling trying to get everything ready to leave.

Be sure to keep an eye out next month for our family update.

I Thessalonians 5:25 “Brethren, pray for us.”

Prayer Requests:

  • For our Visas to go to language school to quickly be approved, and Lorin’s Background check to also be approved.
  • For the many Churches that have said they would like to take us on for support, pray God would enable them to have the finances to support us.
  • For our current supporting churches as some are having financial struggles.
  • For our raised support that it will continue, and that God will bless our supporting churches.
  • For the People of Mozambique that God would work even now in the hearts and lives of the people to prepare them for the Gospel.
  • For our ability to learn quickly when we begin to study Portuguese.
  • For our continued good health.
  • That our Spiritual lives will remain close to God, for us to grow each day closer to him, and not stray from His will or be caught up in the snares of the Devil.
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