Family Update – Volume 6 Issue 8

//Family Update – Volume 6 Issue 8

Family Update – Volume 6 Issue 8

October 2021 Volume 6 Issue 8

Dear Pastor and praying friends:

Family Updates by Lorin

Deacon (7) Happy Birthday Deacon. Man, did we have fun on your birthday. 2 birthdays parties. One with Daddy’s side of the family and friends from our home church, the beginning of September. Then on your actual birthday we went to the beach and ate frozen yogurt. A big excitement and blessing. Deacon was able to get baptized also while we were at our home church. It is wonderful to see him growing and wanting to serve the Lord with his life. While we were in California Deacon was able to spend time with most of his cousins. He had a bast. Getting up early and getting to bed late. Playing with cats, dogs, chicken, and feeding goats.

Eden (5) Our cute, silly, and adventurous little lady found an egg that a chicken laid on her cousin’s trampoline. She carried it around for a while thinking it would hatch soon to realize that it wasn’t going hatch, so she cooked it up with a bit of cheese and ate it. Eden had a great time playing with her cousins. She loved riding their quads and playing with babies or stuffed animals.

Enoch (2) Our little boy who has the energy of a speeding bullet. This time around he got into oil twice, got into my make-up, toothpaste, tasted clean cat litter (Thankfully it was clean) and destroyed 2 pairs of clothes in one day. And he is only 2. We are thankful he still loves his naps.  One of his favorite games is hide and go seek. He loves to be the one that counts. Hearing his little voice trying to count to 10 is so cute. He usually asks dad to help him count properly. That game lately has been happening almost every night.

Chandler (8m) Our little chub now has another tooth. He loves to squeal and play with his toys. He is starting to get a little bit more independent and has found a love for the game, “I drop it and you get it”. He loves to play with his siblings and if they aren’t paying attention, he tries to get their attention. Chandler had a lot of fun with all his cousins. He loves playing with the ones around his age and the older girls who would come and hold him.

Be sure to keep an eye out next month for our Ministry update.

I Thessalonians 5:25 “Brethren, pray for us.”

Prayer Requests From the Children:

  • Deacon and Eden’s homeschool curriculum to come in time to take with us to take to language school.
  • For Eden, Enoch, and Chandler to receive Christ as their Saviour once they are old enough to understand their need of Salvation.
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