Family Update – Volume 6 Issue 4

//Family Update – Volume 6 Issue 4

Family Update – Volume 6 Issue 4

June 2021 Volume 6 Issue 4

Dear Pastor and praying friends:

Family Updates by Lorin

Deacon (6y)

My oh, my is our boy getting big. He has lost 2 bottom teeth and soon to lose his 3rd, his adult teeth can already be seen coming in where his baby ones were.

In school Deacon is learning how to read, and he is doing a wonderful job. School is continuing into the summer, because we are behind due to mom being in school and the birth of baby Chandler from earlier this year. Fortunately, he isn’t minding it and is enjoying it, it helps give him something to do in the mornings.

Eden (5y)

Our baby girl is now 5 years old. She was able to have a birthday party with the students at the school and was given a lot of clothes, pretty bows, and some toys. This year she had 2 birthdays because most of the students were scheduled to have left by the time of her actual birthday. On her actual birthday we had a small celebration with some extended family. Eden has also lost two teeth and new ones are already growing in.

I think that Eden is our studious child when it comes to school as she is very involved in her school and usually is the first to finish.

Enoch (2y)

What a chatter box!! He is now speaking in full sentences and loves it, the fact that people understand him makes him want to show off his speaking skills. Enoch absolutely loves being a big brother still and always looks out for Chandler, the two of them are definitely going to be partners in crime. He is a jolly little fella but his personality is showing and that personality is a goofball.

Chandler (4m) Chandler loves to stand up already! I tell him all the time he has to learn how to hold his head up first, which he is doing a good job at it. He loves to play with toys and watch his siblings play. He loves to smile and giggle, but he hates his car seat. Chandler had his first hair cut!! He looked like an old man bald on the top and long fringe around the sides and back of his head, he didn’t mind the haircut at all and loved the bath afterwards.

Be sure to keep an eye out next month for our Ministry update.

I Thessalonians 5:25 “Brethren, pray for us.”

Prayer Requests From the Children:

  • Chandler’s passport.
  • Deacon and Eden’s homeschool curriculum to come in time to take with us to take to language school.
  • For Eden, Enoch, and Chandler to receive Christ as their Saviour once they are old enough to understand their need of Salvation.
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