Family Update – Volume 6 Issue 10

//Family Update – Volume 6 Issue 10

Family Update – Volume 6 Issue 10

December 2021 Volume 6 Issue 10

Dear Pastor and praying friends:

Family Updates by Lorin

Deacon (7) Oh boy, he is assuredly our most expensive child. About a year ago he broke 4 molars while trying to break rocks with his teeth. We finally were able to get them fixed this month. First time being drugged up, having 2 yanked out and 2 capped. Thank the Lord they are his baby teeth. He healed very nicely and with no pain. He is very proud of his new silver teeth in the back and loves to talk about it.

Eden (5) She is starting to become a little artist. She loves to draw and color. She is getting very good at it. She loves to draw her family and especially her holding her baby brother. She is also liking to clean her room. Enoch loves to mess it up and she gets so upset. But she will go back in and clean it back up.

Enoch (2) His personality is definitely developing in full swing. Sweet yet very ornery.  He loves to taunt his older siblings while they are doing school, but he will also sit next to them and learn as much as he can. He will ask at random times to go take a nap with chocolate milk. That short time of quiet time is wonderful when he is done, he is all ready to go.

Chandler (11 m) He is scooting all over the place now. He just like his three older siblings doesn’t traditional crawl, they all scoot. He loves to play with his siblings a lot. He wants their attention all the time. He is wanting to be a part of family activities and if he isn’t included, he starts to complain.

Be sure to keep an eye out next month for our Ministry update.

I Thessalonians 5:25 “Brethren, pray for us.”

Prayer Requests from the Children:

  • Deacon and Eden’s homeschool curriculum to come in time to take with us to take to language school.
  • For Eden, Enoch, and Chandler to receive Christ as their Saviour once they are old enough to understand their need of Salvation.
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